Are you looking for more than
your average wine tasting?

The doors of our winery are like pages
of a book that tells a 150 year old story
The ancient tanks tell the tale of the
skilled artisans who, with passion and
dedication, have guarded the magic of
tradition; the imposing barrique cellar
embraces visitors with its enchanting
aroma of wood and whispers of the
beauty of must becoming wine.
You'll witness the enthusiasm that we
put into our work on a daily basis.
Since every good story needs a proper
ending, we'll leave it up to you to
choose your own.


OPENING HOURS from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 3 pm

Fresh Ending


Our fresh young line (refined in steel),
with its bright colors, generous flavors,
energetic vivacity, will give you the emotions
of an early summer dive, of the laughter at a
dinner with friends, at a sunset aperitif.

Recommended for those who want to discover
our wine in its most sincere expression.

Persuasive Ending


Hands touch, speak, protect.
Hands do not lie.
Our DOP wines, represented in our line
"Mani del Sud", will enchant your palate
with refined elegance, revealing the secrets
of a long tradition.

Recommended for those who want to try
intense and intriguing flavors.

Classic Ending


Puglia, nice to meet you!
The sun that kisses our vineyards, the sea
that perfumes them, the wind that caresses
them. Our best labels will reveal to you our
generous land, the dedication and the
passion of those who live on it, will make
you fall in love with us.

Recommended for those who want to
take the risk of never forgetting us.

Superb Ending


Gratitude led man to be "devotees" and
devotion requires commitment, sacrifice, and
passion. A vertical tasting of the best vintages
of an excellent wine will be the best way to tell
you the story of who we are. Let us introduce
ourselves, we are the Apollonio family, and we
have worked for 150 years looking for

Recommended for those who want to share
emotions with us day, after day, after day....

Enchanting Ending


Our wines paired with typical products of
our region, will offer you the opportunity to
really taste the excellence of our land has
to offer. A special brunch in an exceptional
location. In addition, the presence of our
staff at your table, will allow you to discover
interesting stories and anecdotes about
our company.

Recommended for those who want to
enjoy a charming experience of quality