Great passions are often sparked by little seeds.

That of Apollonio winery's history, long and intense, a company that has merited the title of "Historic Enterprise of Italy".

Our history

The history of Apollonio winery dates back to 1870, in the aftermath of the Italian unification.

first generation
It was 1870 when Noè Apollonio planted his own vineyard and produced wine for the first time.

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second generationt
Driven by the same passion inherited from his father Noè, Marcello proved to be just as hardworking and enthusiastic.

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third generation
Salvatore had an intuition of how to take advantage of new business opportunities.

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Marcello and Massimiliano
fourth generation
At the helm of the company since 1995, Marcello and Massimiliano Apollonio are the fourth generation of the family.

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Our winery

In the warm and generous Salento region, Apollonio’s sun-kissed vineyards give their sweet, must-scented fruits according to the rhythm of nature, marked by lunar cycles.

Apollonio’s winery caters to every single step of wine production, from grape gathering to winemaking, ageing and bottling.

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Winery tour

It is possible to arrange guided visits and tastings in the winery, as well as meetings and events.

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Our enologist

Oenologist is Massimiliano Apollonio, president of Assoenologi Puglia, Basilicata and Calabria.

The region

Salento lies east of the Apulia region, in the deep south of Italy. Warm and friendly and preserved by a centuries-old isolation, it has kept its genuine folklore and ancient wine-growing tradition alive.

Our vines

Salento vine par excellence: Negroamaro.
Strongly identifying grape varieties of the area: Primitivo, Aleatico, black Malvasia of Brindisi and Lecce.