Elfo Bianco d'Alessano

Elfo Bianco d’Alessano


Denomination: Salento I.G.P. Bianco d’Alessano

Vintage: 2023

Colour: Soft straw yellow.

Aromas: Fruity and floral with hints of white fruit and lime, delicate notes of wild flowers and wisteria.

Palate: Fresh, mineral, with good acidity and flavor. Elegant and complex with a dry and persistent finish.

Pairing recommendations: Appetizers based on fish, fried octopus, snails and pasta filata cheese.  

Size: 750 ml

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TERRITORY: The Salento region is identified by three climatic elements: the sun, the architect that creates generous degrees of sugar, the sea, responsible for the minerality of the wines, and the wind that makes this area naturally free of disease and particularly suitable for the production of “natural” wines. Characterized by extensive flat areas and modest hilly reliefs, the Salento region is geologically constituted by a calcareous structure of medium texture.

VARIETY INFORMATION: The Bianco d’Alessano is an ancient white grape variety, originally from a small village in the lower Salento from which it takes its name. It is appreciated for its adaptability to various types of terrain. “Late” in sprouting and it ripens between September and October.

AREA OF PRODUCTION: Salento – Apulia

VINEYARD ALTITUDE: 50/100 m a.s.l.

SOIL TYPOLOGY: Calcareous-clayey soil



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