Vitrilli Grande

Vitrilli Grande


Denomination: Salento I.G.P. Rosso

Vintage: 1997

Colour: Ruby red with garnet reflections.

Aromas: The enveloping scents melt in notes of ripe red fruit, cloves and plum jam. It presents with a captivating balsamic note.

Palate: A powerful wine with good body and soft but strong tannins. On the finish the notes already perceived on the nose return. Elegant aromas of chocolate and leather, alternating with notes of tobacco, spices and wood. Pleasant sweet sensations of cocoa and licorice.

Pairing recommendations: A meditation wine, one that does not necessarily need to be paired with food, but can also be enjoyed alone.

Size: 750 ml

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TERRITORY The Salento region is identified by three climatic elements: the sun, the architect that creates generous degrees of sugar, the sea, responsible for the minerality of the wines, and the wind that makes this area naturally free of disease and particularly suitable for the production of “natural” wines. Characterized by extensive flat areas and modest hilly reliefs, the Salento region is geologically constituted by a calcareous structure of medium texture.

VARIETY INFORMATION A meditation wine, and its production is based on three ancient grape varieties grown using the traditional Alberello Pugliese method. Primitivo is a black grape variety native to Puglia. It owes its name to the characteristic vegetative phases of the plant, all early, from ripening to sprouting, from flowering to veraison, and from which the old name of “Primaticcio” is derived. Negroamaro, native to Puglia, is the main black grape variety of Salento. Its origins are very ancient (8th century B.C.) and likely owes its name to the terms “niger” (Latin) and “mavros” (Greek) which both refer to the colour black. Its great versatility makes it suitable for all types of winemaking. Aleatico is considered a semi-aromatic vine, it dates back to the ancient Romans and probably derives from a mutation of Moscato Bianco whose taste is vaguely reminiscent.

AREA OF PRODUCTION: Salento – Apulia


SOIL TYPOLOGY: Calcareous-clayey soil



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